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Krefeld, Germany

Elakari | SURFPARK Lake Elfrath


The founders and the managers of Elakari Estate and Elakari Group/Must Holding have been dedicated surfers for over 35 years. Given the worldwide boom and growth of surf sports, naturally they have decided to develop two surf parks – one in Tel Aviv, Israel and one in Krefeld, (Next to Dusseldorf) Germany, developed and co invested by Elakari group. Both projects are representative for our investment philosophy: Anticipating the big waves, joining in early, riding fast and long.

Elakari Estate has an exclusive license from Wavegarden Engineering to build a professional surf park in Western Germany. We have identified the perfect location for the surf park at Lake Elfrath in Krefeld – a green area surrounded by lakes and projected to become a sports & recreation park for citizens of all ages, a destination for surfers in Western Germany and beyond, a staycation site for recreation, sports & fun. Elakari Estate aims to establish an eco-friendly lifestyle sports site with a 25,000 sqm surf pool, as well as climbing, skateboarding, stand-up-paddling and beach volleyball.

The Park & Resort final touch is healthy gastronomy, a spa and tiny houses camp for weekenders. Wavegarden engineering is market leader with the most proven wave generating technology and is currently running surf parks e.g. in Melbourne, Australia, or Bristol, UK. Award winning surfers, who train on Wavegarden pools on a regular basis, testify to the superior quality of the surf experience.


Creating western Germany's undisputed center for surf sport, embedded in an eco-friendly, all seasons staycation, wellness and fitness resort.


  • to create a unique and world class surfing visitor attraction in Krefeld and NRW.
  • to strengthen Krefeld city as a high quality tourism destination by using sport/leisure.
  • to deliver a range of social and economic benefits.
  • avoiding the CO2 footprint by "surfing on the doorstep".
  • achieving a close-to-zero carbon footprint in all surf park operations
  • to be the content generator for medial usage

Main components

  • Wavegarden Cove Surfing Lagoon
  • Surf exercise pool & hot tubs
  • Camping area (tents, RV´s & caravans, tiny houses)
  • Surf shop
  • Restaurant, bar & food trucks
  • Skate park
  • Climbing area
  • Beach volleyball
  • Corporate & event areas
  • Public common areas & kids play areas
  • Parking


Wavegarden Cove:
State of the art surfing lagoon delivering a maximum number, quality and variety of waves for all levels and ages as well as the highest surfer capacity.

Surf Academy:
All services and facilities for quality changing/shower areas, surf instruction, equipment hire, etc.

Modern surf, skate and lifestyle store. A mix of restaurant and bar outlets: Public access restaurant with outdoor terracing and views of surfing lagoon with surf and beach lifestyle atmosphere.

Area for tents, RV parking, tiny houses. Multipurpose Fitness Studio offering yoga and surf related fitness activities. A series of supporting leisure and entertainment facilities and activities: skatepark, climbing, beach volleyball, kids playground, etc.

Coaching, competitions & events:
Best international surfers, associated sports, Olympic training, team building, etc. Rich offer of cultural events like art exhibitions, cinema evenings, etc. A world class surfside promenade and boardwalk with up close views of the surfing lagoon.

On site car/motorbike parking for users.

Environmental Impacts

Our goal is to achieve a “Net Positive Impact” thru the Surfpark Krefeld by delivering high social and economic benefits to the population in a sustainable and responsible way. Therefore we feel obliged to the climate goals of Germany and strive to meet the official climate targets by 2030.


We have chosen the plot of Krefeld´s Lake Elfrath in such a way that the ecological impact in terms of transportation, bio-diversity, noise, light, and many other factors is as low as possible. In the 1970´s the site was used as a gravel pit and later on filled up with contamined building waste. Today the city of Krefeld is planning to develop a modern sports and leisure area.

Optimizing energy use

The Wavegarden patented system uses electric motors to move mechanical parts – there is nothing more energy efficient than this method year to date. Usage of renewable energies and solar panels combined with green roofs, high efficiency and renewable or recycled building materials to reduce the CO2 footprint.

Conserving water

In terms of water conservation, at an estimated 30,000m3 to 50,000m3 per year, similar to an Olympic swimming pool.


Landlocked German surfers depend on travelling by car or plane to the ocean. The Surfpark offers perfect waves to the doorstep in a climate friendly way.

Further sustainable practices planned

  • Public transportations available to connect the facilities with the local community
  • Implementation of bicycle parking and green vehicle infrastructures
  • Sustainable food onsite, zero waste generation policy
  • Surf gear has a second life cycle (donated, recycled or reused)
  • Partnerships with agreed sustainability commitment purposes
  • Ocean and nature conservancy awareness and education of the community

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